About WQforKids

It all started 2 years ago, when WQ (Wellbeing Quotient) was founded by Mark Pieter de Boer and Guido van Ingen in the context of a global Sales organization within ING. This followed a distinctive EQ/Mindset journey (FD Article) that started back in 2014 and laid the foundation for the acceptance of WQ within the corporate world (FD Article)
. Over 10.000 people have been part of the WQ journey since then and counting, with the journey still expanding within ING (and other companies). In cycles of 9-12 months, employees have a chance to discover Eat, Move, Sleep and Relax patterns and experience the impact on their Wellbeing. The prominent position that Wellbeing gained within the business context was recognized both internally and externally and the success triggered us to think about increasing societal impact. With the concept of ‘Pay it Forward’ in mind, we realized that WQ for adults can be described as ‘curing’, while focus on our children would get us to the ‘root cause’ and allow us to make an impact early on in life.

Our purpose is to ‘Enhance our children’s Wellbeing (WQ)’. Therefore, the independent Foundation WQforKids was founded in September 2018. We aim to support Wellbeing for children initiatives in the broadest sense of the word. The foundation will be very selective in choosing the initiatives it aims to raise funds for and it should fit the Eat, Move, Sleep and Relax components of WQ. We trust that if we follow our purpose, a win-win will be achieved, for our children, for parents and society – if the throw is right, the catch will take care of itself!

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WQforKids will improve the Wellbeing of children, so they can enjoy life to the fullest. Please support us with a donation.